THCA Crystalline

What is THCA Crystalline?

This extract most often consists of a single type of cannabinoid, usually tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), or cannabidiol (CBD). The base for cannabis products is the crystalline or THC oil that has been thoroughly refined. The flavor of concentrate is often compared to that of the plant being used, but isolating it from terpenes results in a less flavorful and more potent form of that product.

Cannabis concentrates can come as either a liquid or solid, but the crystalline form is considered to be one of the most potent cannabis products. The lumps resemble coarse sugar, the kind typically used for decorating sugar cookies or adding sparkle to fruit pies. Produced to be free of smokeable material, a crystalline is a form of purified cannabis that does not have plant matter.

What Cannabinoids are Available in Crystalline form?

Crystalline is sometimes produced to have just one cannabinoid. The only cannabinoids available in crystalline form are THCA, CBDA, and CBD. Those consuming THCA, CBDA, or CBD will not experience an intoxicating high. However, if they consume THCA that has been exposed to heat for too long, it turns into THC which is the kind of cannabis that produces a high.

You may have heard the term “THC crystals” to describe crystalline, but THC crystals are not pure THC. Pure THC can’t hold a crystalline structure; it’s chemically impossible. THCA crystalline converts to the more psychoactive THC in one’s system through a process known as decarboxylation.

Is Crystalline Better than Other Concentrates?

When it is exposed to high heat, the crystalline extract has a potent effect. However, the body does not feel the effects of this as much because it lacks terpenes found in flowers and other concentrates. Terpenes provide the unique flavors, aromas, and other effects of each high associated with different cultivars. Without these terpenes, crystalline isn’t able to provide the same health benefits attributed to the entourage effect.

thca crystalline

Terpenes are removed during the crystalline production process of cannabis and the final result is unaffected by the starting plant material. Some companies might use the Durban Poison or Northern Lights strains for their THCA crystals, which would produce the same effects. It is impossible to tell the difference between crystals collected from one strain and crystals from another cultivar. Dispensaries do not collect specific strains but instead buy off-the-shelf THC or CBD Crystals that bear no traces of terpenes.

How Can Crystalline be Used?

Crystalline can be orally ingested as an edible either when mixed with a recipe or dissolving in oil to create a similar tincture-like product. Using recipes with cooking oil or butter, crystals are dissolved and used as an ingredient for edibles. The most popular of these ingredients are olive oil and coconut oil, but any type of cooking liquid should work just fine.

Crystalline can be taken in two forms: smoked or dabbed. Dabbing is a way of consuming the crystalline that uses a dab rig apparatus, which is most similar to a small water bong designed specifically for heating and inhaling doses of crystalline with single lungfuls.

What is CBD Crystalline?

Dabbing CBD Crystalline, the purest form of CBD-heavy concentrate will produce non-intoxicating effects quickly. However, dabbing THCA will produce the intoxicating and psychoactive effects of THC. This might explain why they’re thought to be “THC crystals.”

The most effective way to use CBD is by heating the nail at one end of a dab rig using a handheld butane torch. Once the nail reaches the right temperature, use the spoon-shaped end of a dabber to scoop and pour out an appropriate amount from your stockpile onto it. The crystals will heat up and vaporize instantly on the heated pipe. While inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece, put a cap on top of the nail to catch as much vapor as possible at once.

Adding crystalline THC to other concentrates, like live resin Shatter, can increase potency. Mixing THCA crystals with terpenes and other cannabinoids may optimize uptake of the original concentrate compound by the body.

How is Crystalline made?

THC crystals come from a cannabis extract. The raw plant matter is the starting material for THC crystal extraction, but it does not have any unique flavor and aroma because compounds that give other concentrates their taste are absent.

Making THC Crystals can be done in several different ways, but the process is essentially the same. One way to understand how it happens is by thinking about how we make rock candy. Candy crafts have only two requirements: sugar and a way to draw the thread of sugar out into long, thin streams. The easiest method involves supersaturating hot water with sugar until it becomes supersaturated. As the unstable sugar solution cools after heating, it will crystallize. THC crystal formation will grow until the final product is successfully achieved.

thca crystalline

To produce cannabis crystalline, a refined concentrate is mixed with a solvent (e.g., hexane,) then heated and pressurized to evaporate the solvent to form crystals. For example, when THCA crystalline is being produced, any THCA will precipitate, or separation of the solution. Under the right conditions, the THC will bond chemically to other molecules forming crystalline structures.

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