How do i clean my silicone nectar collector?

How To Use A Nectar Collector

You know that nectar collectors are some of the best equipment to use if you enjoy smoking dabs. However, once in a while, like every other equipment, your nectar collector needs some cleaning.

A nectar collector is small. It has a complicated shape, and features multiple parts that make it challenging to clean. If you struggle knowing how best to go about cleaning your nectar collector guide, worry no more as we are here to show how to go about the cleaning. Therefore, sit back and read through our nectar collector cleaning guide.

How to Clean Your Nectar Collector in 7 Steps

There are 7 easy steps you should follow to clean your nectar collector properly:

1. Take Your Nectar Collector Apart

The first thing you will want to do is take apart your piece. This will help you assess how dirty it real is and keep all of the pieces separate, preventing against damage in the cleaning process. One thing that is important to note is that cleaning your nectar collector nail is a bit different than the rest of the process. Read the instructions below this section for more information.

2. Create Your Cleaning Solution & Fill the Bags

Take your Isopropyl alcohol and fill the bags or containers with it. Then, add your salt and mix lightly in order to mix them a bit. For the best results, you should take a bit of the salt and pour it through the holes and in the hard to reach places on your piece in order to loosen up some of that caked in resin.

3. Let Your Nectar Collector Soak for at Least 30-60 Minutes

Technically, you can get by with only soaking in this solution and similar ones, but to get the best results, we have found that 30-60 minutes is the sweet spot. If you soak overnight, that is even better. Personally, I have never encountered a piece that could not be made to look brand new from soaking overnight, though I know some grandfather pieces exist out there that have years of resin build in.

4. Rinse it Off & Assess How Clean it is

Once you have let it sit, clean off your nectar collector by rinsing it in room temperature water. Rapid temperature changes can cause quartz and glass to fracture, break, or become brittle. Sometimes, you

may need to use q-tips and pipe cleaners to clean excess resin off. If so, rinse it in water or soak it in the solution again while scrubbing for the best results. 

5. Use Your Pipe Cleaners to Get the Tough Spots

Gently use your pipe cleaners and q-tips to remove any excess resin and particulate still on your piece. If you are very particular and want a complete clean, this is how to get precision. However, you do not have to get every inch of your nectar collector clean in order to enjoy the benefits of the cleaning process. 

best way to clean water pipe

6. Rinse with Water for 2 Minutes & Let Dry

Make sure that once you are completely done soaking your piece that you rinse it out with water for a few minutes. This will help to get rid of any remaining particulate, and will also ensure that all alcohol is washed off. Inhaling alcohol fumes is very dangerous, so it is very important you make sure that you rinse thoroughly with water. When you are done rinsing, make sure you let it dry, as water can cause damage to your nectar collector if you smoke with it in the chamber, and can also cause you harm.

7. Put Your Nectar Collector Back Together & Enjoy

Now it’s time to put this Bad Larry back together and get to smoking! Make sure one last time that everything is dry and clean. You will be amazed at the results you get with this process. It is truly the best way to clean your nectar collector.

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1.How long do silicone bongs last?

When it comes to a silicone bong, if you choose the right one, it can last you many years. So, if it is a matter of paying $20 more for a bong that you know is absolutely safe to use, that you plan on having for 5 or even 10+ years, it is absolutely worth it.

2.Can I boil my DAB rig?

The first and easiest way to clean a dab rig, is to simply use hot water. My pro tip is to use the steam that rises while the water is boiling to loosen the gunk on the piece. I recommend you bring the water to a full boil, remove from heat, and then let it sit for about one minute.

3.Are silicone pipes better than glass?

Silicone pipes are great for people who could be prone to accidents, or if you have a history of getting pieces broken. With water filtration very similar to most glass pipes, this is a perfect addition to any smoking collection. A benefit of silicone is that it can take a while to get dirty.

4.Can you clean silicone with hydrogen peroxide?

Almost all companies recommend against this for cups made from silicone. You should just clean your cup with a mild soap or menstrual cup wash. For deep cleaning, boil it for five minutes in a pot of water on the stove. I soak my Diva cup overnight in undiluted hydrogen peroxide with no issues so far.

5.How do you use silicone bubbler?

Only this one is made out of silicone for virtual indestructibility! How to Use: Fill the bottom of the bubbler with a little bit of water, making sure not to put too much and getting a mouth full of water. Pack your sticky buds into the glass insert in the top of the bubbler.

6.Why is my wax sizzling?

While it is possible to have a dab sizzle as a result of moisture or water, a sizzling dab is usually indicative of butane still trapped in the product. You do not want lungs full of butane! If you purchased hash that sizzles from a dispensary, take the product back – they should not be selling products like this!

7.How do I clean my DAB rig and save reclaim?

One of the simplest ways to clean a nail or banger is to heat it with a torch lighter until reclaim or residual carbon burns completely off. If torching your nail isn’t enough to clean off all carbon or reclaim buildup, place the nail in a sealable container or plastic bag and let it soak in alcohol.

8.Do nectar collectors waste wax?

The nectar collector does not waste any wax. With regular dab rigs, the wax can get stuck or lodged inside of your dab jar. With a nectar collector, you can avoid wasting your wax and monitor exactly how much concentrate you’re smoking.

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