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Bud bucking machine

A Bucker for every harvest

These days, growers worldwide are looking for ways to get flowers off their stems more efficiently and effortlessly. Like trimming, bucking by hand is extremely tedious and labour-intensive. Up until a few years ago destemming by hand was the only way to get the job done, but now there are plenty of options to get the job done more effectively.

The most broadly used type of bucker would be the CenturionPro HP Bucker. HP refers to “High Performance” and utilizes two rollers that pull the stem into the machine, therefore popping the flowers off when they contact the face plate. This concept allows for continuous workflow providing higher processing speed and operational efficiency.

Alternatively, there is the CenturionPro GC Bucker where GC stands for Gentle Cut. Processing bud at a more meticulous speed, this model utilizes a cutting action that cleanly separates the buds from the stem. The clean cut prevents the large crown buds from breaking into smaller pieces, thereby keeping the structure of the flowers fully intact and preserving the look of the bud.

For Small-Scale Growers

For small scale farms or indoor growers, bucking by hand is a good option as the volume of material is limited and it is possible to destem the entire crop by hand in just a couple of days. However, for those that want to streamline their operation while still maintaining quality, there is the CenturionPro GC1 bucker, which can process up to 40lbs/hr wet (8bs/hr dry). With this kind of throughput, an entire harvest could be processed in a matter of hours. One of the most common apprehensions growers have when it comes to bucking machines is that they cause large cola buds to break apart, but the gentle cutting method used by the GC1 alleviates this concern. A great tabletop machine, it is also available with an optional stand to improve portability. The optional off-road wheel assembly kit adds further versatility allowing you to buck outdoors.

For Medium-Sized Operations

Growers managing a medium-sized operation are no stranger to the complexities of hiring labor for harvest. With many, if not, most medium to large operations now using trimming machines to reduce their labor woes, bucking machines seem like a next logical step. A good choice would be the CenturionPro HP1, which can process up to 175lbs/hr wet (35lbs/hr dry).  For those looking for a gentler solution that will still meet the throughput needs of medium-sized operation, CenturionPro offers their gentle cut bucker as a GC3 Triple Bucker model.  With triple the processing capabilities of the GC1, you get up to 120lbs/hr wet (24lbs/hr dry) of meticulous destemming.  Both these options are great value when you consider the headaches they solve when it comes harvest time.

For Large-Scale Operations

Hand bucking is a time-consuming task riddled with issues and not very practical for large-scale operations. In commercial hemp and cannabis facilities bucking machines help reduce worker fatigue, save on labour costs, reduce WCB claims and provide a more consistent production output. However, until recently, there were not many options that met the needs of larger operations. Thankfully, CenturionPro released the HP3 Triple Bucker. This triple headed monster can process over 500lbs/hr of wet material (100lbs/hr dry) making it the highest capacity conventional bucking machine on the planet.

Buckers play a crucial role in speeding up the process of hemp & cannabis processing.

Before you can even send your buds to the trimmer, you need to buck or de-stem them so that your trimmers can handle the buds in their chambers.

Types of Buckers

There are two (2) kinds of buckers in the market today.

The first is the gentle cut buckers, which gently pull off your buds but can only process a few pounds per hour. The second is the high-capacity buckers, which have more pulling power on-board to help you speed up the process of de-stemming.

Choosing the Right Bucker

Now, regardless of what kind of bucker you choose, there are qualities or features you need to look out for to get the best results.

  • The first is the different feed sizes. Cannabis stems come in different sizes, so you want something appropriate for the diameter of the stalk. Too small, and your machine is most likely to jam. Too big, and you may end up damaging the buds.
  • You also want to have something that lets you adjust the pulling strength. You don’t want to be putting so much effort and damage the buds.
  • And then, of course, you also need something that has emergency stops and reverse options so that you can fix any jams that may happen.

Don’t take bucking or de-stemming for granted since this is the first step in the whole automated process of processing cannabis.

Invest in a good bucker that fits the needs of your facility so that you can get the best return of investment at the soonest time.

Which bucker is right for you?

That ultimately depends on your needs and size of your harvest. If you have a boutique-sized operation and place quality and having well-preserved & fully-intact flowers high on your priority, we recommend going with one of the Gentle Cut Bucking machines. However, if you need to process a large amount of material, there’s nothing that can buck more plants per hour than High Capacity bucking machines.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded out the best gentle and high capacity buckers available in the market today. We’ll continue to add and refine to this list as we receive more feedback on different machines.

The CenturionPro GC1 is perfect for boutique operations, while still accommodating high capacities of buds.

While compact and can sit pretty on most tables, the GC1 has a capacity of 40 pounds of wet and eight (8) pounds dry.

The GC1 also features an efficient cleaning system that collects the stems and excess materials into a vacuum bag, which makes cleanup almost effortless.

If you are looking for the same quality of bud handling, but with a bigger capacity, consider getting the GC3.

Bucking at a rate of 120+ lbs per hour wet, 24 lbs per hour dry, the GC3 bucker does triple what the GC1, without sacrificing quality and ease of use.

The beauty of this design is that each bucker can be controlled independently. That means, you can continue bucking, in case one unit requires quick troubleshooting during operations.

If you think high-quality bucking cannot be achieved without sacrificing speed, then you should take a look at the GC3.

The CenturionPro HP1 exerts more power than its cousins in the GC product line.

Featuring a bucking rate of 175 pounds wet or 35 pounds dry, the HP1 is the perfect portable tabletop bucker that you can take anywhere you need it.

But do not let the small size fool you, as the HP1 is one of the highest capacity buckers in the market today. On its own, this bucker can take on the job of 5 -7 workers, thanks to its 0.75 HP motor.

And even with the high power it exerts, the HP1 can still treat your buds with the utmost care, so you have no problem when you need that extra push.

The HP1 also features several feeds for stems of different diameters.

You get a bucker stand, and industrial caster wheels with every HP1 bought, with an option to upgrade to off-road wheels for a minimal cost.

If you want more power, you can consider the HP3 buckers for higher capacity.

Like the GC3, the HP3 bucks at thrice the capacity of the HP1, with the trio of buckers.

That means you get to buck 500 pounds wet, 100 pounds dry in an hour, and do the job of 21 workers.

Like the HP1, the HP3 comes with its bucker stand and industrial caster wheels. The option to upgrade to off-road tires is also available.

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