Water Bottle Bong

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong

Making a water bottle bong is not as hard as it may seem, and can be done with just a few simple materials. This article will talk about how to make a water bottle bong with step-by-step instructions on how to do so!

“A water bottle bong is a way to use water as a filtration for smoking marijuana.”

Many people have been using this method of consuming cannabis since the 1970s and it’s widely used because it can be easily made. It also has relatively cheap materials, which are found all over the world.

This article will go into detail about how you would make one for yourself!

Do not smoke or ingest any substance that was filtered through plastic bottles containing chemicals like DEHA (diethylhexyl adipate). The long-term effects could result in damage to your brain function including memory and attention span. This chemical is known to accumulate in fatty tissues of animals who consume plastics regularly.

What is a water bottle bong?

A water bottle bong is a variation of the more traditional bongs that use a plastic bottle as their base. This type of bong uses ice to cool down and filter smoke or vapor before it enters your mouth, which can make for an easier inhalation experience. When smoking something out of this kind of device, you will typically be inhaling the smoke through a mouthpiece attached to the top.

The water bottle bong allows users to experience the effects of smoking THC, CBD, or other substances without inhaling any smoke. This device is made by inserting a mouthpiece in the top of an empty plastic 2-liter soda bottle and securing it with duct tape. The user fills the bottom half of the bottle with ice-cold water before packing it with marijuana leaves or concentrates (like hash oil).

how do you make a water bottle bong

A water bottle bong is a way to use water as filtration for smoking marijuana. It is widely used because it can be easily made and the materials are relatively cheap. Though this method of consuming cannabis has been around for decades, many people have never heard of it before!

Why should you use one instead of smoking out of a pipe or joint?

A water bottle bong is great for first-time smokers, as this type of equipment can be easier to use and require less lung power than other types of smoking devices. As such, they are also good for people who have throat or respiratory problems that make it difficult to inhale smoke from other ways.

How do you make a water bottle bong?

To start making your water bottle bong, you will need two things: an empty plastic drink container (such as a one-liter soda bottle) and some sort of tube with either end open (a straw or drinking glass works well). If the plastic drink container has any labels on it, take them off before proceeding! Then cut the top and bottom pieces of the container off and discard them.

Next, take a tube long enough to reach from your mouth down into the plastic drink container’s opening, ensuring that it has an end open on either side for airflow. Push one end into the top part of the bottle as far as you can while still being able to pull it out again using only two fingers. You now have a makeshift straw!

Finally, put something under where you will be smoking (like a shoe) so no ashes are lost onto your floor or carpeting; this is usually done by putting newspapers over anything below the area where you plan to smoke too – just make sure they’re not close enough to catch fire if any ash falls through because some cigarettes contain additives that may increase the risk of fire.

how do you make a water bottle bong

Light your cigarette, take a deep breath through the tube, and then pull it out again before you release air from your lungs. This will create suction which pulls the smoke into what’s left of the plastic drink container with enough force to make some pretty decent-sized bubbles on top! Now all you need is someone else to help flick down any ash or other substances so they don’t clog up your makeshift straw by putting their thumb over the opening while pointing downwards (this should remove anything at the bottom) or use an object like tongs if this isn’t possible.”

Pros and cons of using a water bottle bong  


The creation of this water bottle bong is not expensive. You can make one from any old plastic drink container or even use an empty carton.

It’s also easy to carry around, it only takes up a small space in your bag and isn’t noticeable at all so you should have no problem sneaking it into places like the cinema, school grounds, etc.

Cons :

A downside that may occur with using these bongs is that they generally won’t give off as much smoke per puff compared to other more traditional methods because there is less air pressure inside the makeshift straw than on the outside when drawing in deeply.”

Tips for making the best experience with your new homemade water bottle bong 

The article below provides some tips on how to make the best experience with your new homemade water bottle bong. This is important information for people who are interested in this recreational activity or want to know more about it!

– Do not use a plastic bottle that has chemicals, such as perfume or cleaning fluid. Use only clear bottles like soda and water bottles

– Use hot soapy water when scrubbing container with stubborn residue from old stains

– Cut off bottom third of empty plastic food jug before inserting mouthpiece (don’t cut too close to opening)


The Water Bottle Bong is a genius invention that makes smoking easier and more convenient. We have all seen the bongs we used in our younger days with water pipes, but this has taken it to another level by making use of an everyday household item. This article will introduce you to how these contraptions work, as well as some tips on how to make your own at home!

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