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How to make a pre rolled cone?

Pre-rolled cones have become the new gold standard. I’m sure you have smoked your fair share of them. People usually buy them from the dispensary, when they are so lucky to live in a free state. But what if you don’t want to pay so much per joint or perhaps you don’t have access to a dispensary? Well, look no further cuz we’re gonna look at how to make your own pre-rolled cone joint.

This may be a simple concept to many of you, but not to me. I love burning a big cone, but I really don’t like the quality of the stuff used in most dispensary bought pre-rolled cones. Let’s face it, most of them use sun leaves and small lower quality nugs.

I always want to use the the best kolas of stuff I know is grown, cured, and manicured well. So, I need to grab a grinder and break it down myself and make my own pre-rolled cone joints. Let’s talk about the best ways to go from one of those delicate pre-rolled cone papers to a beautiful joint.

There are a few different typical designs, so we will look at a few. The most comprehensive collection of cone loaders and fillers are from the cone masters over at RAW, so let’s check out their best devices for making perfect cones.

First, there is the Raw Cone Filler. This is a little bit more expensive than the other style, but you can feel the difference in the speed and convenience. This was RAW’s first iteration at a device to more easily create perfect cone joints.

Rolling your own with a Raw Cone Filler is simple and quick. To roll your own cone with a Raw Cone Filler, just follow these steps: 1) Just fill it up, 2) attach a cone, 3) slide the lid back and forth, and like magic it’s done and you have a perfect cone joint! I couldn’t believe it was done so fast.

The other design is more simple and is called a RAW Cone Loader. It comes it two different sizes, 1 1/4 and king size cones. This consists of a piece of plastic that acts almost like a funnel and a wood poker. It was modeled after a dustpan & broom. This kit includes, a cone loader, a scraping card, and a wood poker.

The RAW Cone Loader is even more simple than the filler. To quickly make your own cone with a RAW Cone Loader, just follow these steps: 1) Use the card to fill the cone loader and 2) put it into the cone. 3) Then use the included natural wood poker to pack the herb down. 

The final design we will look at is the RAW Six Shooter Multi-Cone Loader. This device is perfect if you have a dispensary, business, or are just throwing an awesome huge party. If you are throwing a party this great, please let me know because this is definitely my kind of party. You can roll six amazing huge joints all at once in about forty-five seconds.

The design of the Six Shooter was inspired by an old Spanish millstone. To roll up to six perfect joints at once with a RAW Six Shooter Multi-Cone Loader, follow these steps: 1) remove the center pin, 2) move the plate to decide how many cones to fill at once or simply remove the plate entirely to fill all six, 3) fill the holes with the proper size RAW cones like RAW King Size, 4) add your favorite herb to the top, 5) replace the lid and smack it on a hard surface. 6) Finally, you can finish them off by using the poker.

This blog should help you to make or roll your own pre-rolled cone joints from pre-rolled papers. While other styles of loaders do exist, this blog sticks to the most common cone loader and filler designs so that we can help the most people. At Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff, we have a great selection of cone loaders and fillers as well as all the best rolling papers and wraps. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our website, Instagram or at one of our 12 retail stores.

Cone v. Tube: What’s the difference?

There are close to unlimited shape and size options when you work with us. We can make any top diameter, bottom diameter, cone/tube length, or filter length. What’s important to keep in mind when making your decision is your branding, the smoking experience you are going after, packaging, and how much material you want to fit into the cone or tube.

Let’s first start with pre-rolled cones vs pre-rolled tubes. What is the difference? Well first and foremost is the shape. The pre-rolled cone is more like your classic joint with a larger diameter at the top and a smaller diameter at the bottom, creating a cone shape.

The pre-rolled tube is the classic cigarette shape with a diameter at the bottom which is equal to the diameter at the top. The tube shape is a newer offering for the cannabis industry, but some of the benefits, which are a less harsh and more consistent smoking experience, as well as a look that is familiar to smokers.

The next most noticeable difference between pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes is the packing process. There are lots of cone-filling machines, but not so many filling machines that accommodate tubes. It is important to keep in mind as you develop your pre-roll brand that there is a proven process for packing pre-rolled cones, while the pre-rolled tubes market is still developing a better technique.

The next angle to look at in your comparison is which will look better in your packaging, branding, and product displays. If you plan to use cigarette boxes for your pre-roll packaging it can be a strong pairing to use the pre-rolled tubes because this creates familiar experience for tobacco smokers who are venturing into cannabis.

Size Matters

Whether you use pre-rolled cones or pre-rolled tubes you can further customize either option by changing the diameter, filter length, or paper length. It is best to think about how much cannabis material you want to put into the pre-roll before deciding on a size.

Are you planning on a single pack offering? If so, you probably want to offer at least a .75-gram pre-roll or more. This will allow you to offer better value to the customer on the single pack; whereas, if you are offering a 5 or 10-pack, then you most likely want to offer half-gram pre-rolls or less. This will help you make the multi-pack more affordable.

Just like with everything else, the size of your cone or tube helps to create the image you want for your brand. Seventy millimeter  Dogwalker cones are fast and efficient smokes for a brand catering to the on-the-go lifestyle. The 98mm Reefer-style cone is tall and statuesque like a Virginia Slim. While it appears longer, it holds the same amount as a regular 98mm cone. The Tendu Rollies scream “great outdoors.” The size of the paper is yet another variable that culminates in your final product.

Filter Types and Cooling Tips

Changing the length of the filter will also change the smoking experience – the shorter the filter the more direct the smoke and the less filtration it will receive resulting in stronger, harsher hits. The longer the filter the less direct the smoke and the further away the ember from your mouth resulting in lighter, cooler hits.

You can further customize the smoking experience of a cone by changing the bottom diameter of the cone. By changing the bottom diameter, you can control the flow and amount of smoke the consumer gets per puff. The more smoke the consumer gets per puff – the faster the joint will burn, the stronger the hit, and the thicker the smoke.

The less smoke the consumer gets per puff – the slower the joint will burn, the lighter the hit, and the thinner the smoke. Like everything in life – consumers have many different preferences and so by using many of the variables discussed above you can finely control the smoking experience for specific types of consumers. If you want to further control the smoking experience for your customers, you can use different filters to alter the smoke. This is what we will cover in the next part of our guide.

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