Dab Carts

Dab carts have taken the budding legal cannabis market to new highs. The main reason behind their popularity is that oil cartridges provide unprecedented convenience and discretion for cannabis consumers.

Let’s look into what dab carts are, how they are made, what kinds there are, and everything else you may need to know.

What are Dab Carts?

They refer to prefilled or refillable oil cartridges. A ‘dab’ is a waxy cannabis concentrate and ‘cart’ is short for cartridge.

So dab carts are basically vaporizer oil cartridges filled with cannabis oil. The cartridge itself is made up of a storage tank, a small atomizer coil, and a mouthpiece.

dab carts

The cart connects to a battery, most often (but not exclusively) via a 510 threaded connection. Some vapes come with a magnetic connector, that you screw onto the cart and simply slide into the vape. Other vapes have a 510 thread and you need to screw your cartridge in.

Either way, once your cart is connected to your vaporizer, you are ready to vape. In fact, all you have to do is press a button and inhale. Actually, with some vapes, you don’t even have to press a button, simply inhale and enjoy the vapor.

Cartridges vs Pods

Cannabis oil (also called hash oil) can be vaporized via two different systems. Firstly, the oil cartridges we discussed above. Additionally, you can also vape cannabis oil from pods. For example, the pods popularized by JUUL, are often used for vaping THC oil.

Cartridges usually contain 0.5ml or 1ml oil, while pods are usually 0.5ml.

When buying your vape and carts, make sure they are compatible. Carts come in different lengths and diameter and some 510 threaded oil cartridge vapes only take certain carts.

Pre-filled and Refillable Dab Carts

You can purchase oil cartridges prefilled with weed oil or buy empty cartridges or pods and fill them yourself. Pre-filled carts are filled by cannabis product manufacturers or dispensaries. Products may vary in your local area, always read reviews, and do your research properly.

If you are lucky enough to have access to high-grade cannabis oil, you can also fill your own dab carts. Best is distillate cannabis oil, however, obviously many members of our community don’t have access to such products yet. Alternatively, if you have access to high-quality cannabis concentrates, you may use a thinning agent to make your own dab carts. You can also use terpenes instead of or alongside a thinning agent.

The quality of your vapor largely depends on the quality of the cart you use, so choose your cartridges carefully.

What’s all the Fuss About Dab Carts?

Vaping related lung injuries and deaths have been plastered over the news during 2019. Initially, nobody knew what was causing the problems and panic set in. As a result of the lack of clues, the FDA warned consumers not to use TCH oil vapes at all. This obviously didn’t help the reputation of dab carts and created a bit of a stigma.

Since then, they discovered that vitamin E acetate was causing all the problems. Vitamin E was used as a thinning agent by some companies and researchers discovered that it can coat the lungs like oil and cause damage to them.

This further highlights the importance of making sure your carts contain quality cannabis oil. Only buy them from reputable retailers and when making your own, use quality ingredients only.

What are the advantages of Using Dab Carts?

The biggest advantage of oil cartridges is convenience. You can vaporize your THC or CBD oil any time with no time spent with preparation. The most convenient way to consume cannabis oil.

Also, vaping dab carts is very discreet. Despite cannabis legalization around the world, there is still a certain level of stigma associated with using cannabis. Vaping oil carts is very discreet and looks like you are using an e-cigarette.

Do all Dab Carts contain THC Oil?

No, oil cartridges can also be filled with CBD oil. CBD oil cartridges are gaining popularity rapidly. CBD is even more accepted around the world than THC and CBD oil vaping is a very convenient and effective way to administer CBD oil.

Most CBD oils are thinner than THC oils so some companies make specific carts for both.

As you can see in the picture above, the first cart on the left has smaller holes. That’s the CBD cartridge. Next to it is the THC cartridge made by the same company. The holes are much larger to accommodate the thicker THC oil.

dab carts

The Cost of Real Dab vs. Fake Vape Carts

So how much does a legit vape cart cost? Usually 0.5 grams cost around $40 to $80, or even more depending on where you are. Still, they make up for a good investment since you can easily use them more than 100 times. In the video above, xCodeh says that the one surefire way to know whether you’re buying a fake cart or not is if it costs less than $40. He asserts that any dab cart you get for that price point or lower is very very likely to be fake.

How to Use a Dab Cart?

To use a TCH cartridge you’ll need a cannabis vaper or vape pen. A vape pen is basically a heat source that produces the exact amount of heat so THC oil becomes mist. Find the best dry herb vape in this store and have fun. Simply, connect the cartridge to the top of your vaper (make sure it’s compatible) and start using it with the instructions of your specific model. Nowadays, most Puff bar wholesale pens use a simple button. Using it, you can turn it on, adjust the heat, inhale, or turn it off. After that, just kick back and chill to the effects of THC.


Dab carts have revolutionized cannabis vaping and they are here to stay. Despite the unfavorable news coverage, oil cartridge vaping is likely to keep growing due to its convenience. Having said that, it is really important to use quality products. That is to say, quality cannabis oil, vape carts, and vaporizers to ensure user safety first and foremost.

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