Vortex Cannabis Strain

The Vortex strain’s intoxicating and uplifting effects may lead you to believe you’re in the middle of a joyous whirlwind. Its capacity to improve spirits makes it popular among individuals suffering from depression. Individuals dealing with stress frequently utilize the Vortex strain to help them unwind.

Breeders in the marijuana industry have a reputation for selecting excellent names for their inventions. Vortex is another outstanding illustration. It’s a type of cannabis that can distort the senses, but in a beneficial way.

What Is the Vortex Strain?

The Vortex marijuana strain is a cross of Space Queen and Apollo 13, according to the breeder. It’s likely that Dank, TGA Subcool’s flagship cannabis brand, is behind it. In an era when breeders develop new hybrid strains at breakneck speed, it has become a “classic” strain. The 2010 Cannabis Cup awarded it with the Best Sativa title.

The surge of euphoria that follows Vortex’s activation is what you’ll probably notice first. Some users claim to be on a rollercoaster while intoxicated. It has a fair amount of THC, but the high is said to be greater than the THC content indicates.

In general, you will experience a level of contentment that is intense and an increase in creativity. Vortex can provide a modest energy boost when utilized in smaller amounts. Although it doesn’t make you sleepy, this strain may be used later in the evening if desired.

It’s great for use in the afternoon, but only if you don’t have any work to do. This is due to the fact that it can cause everything around you to spin.


The scent of VORTEX is a sweet combination of mango and citrus. In general, you can anticipate a fruity aroma with a tropical punch.


The flavor doesn’t disappoint once the aroma has your mouth watering. Users describe it as having a sweet fruit taste with a lemony aftertaste. For a short time, you may believe you’re on a tropical island.


The resinous trichomes on the neon-green flowers provide an alluring sheen as harvest time approaches. The fiery orange hairs, which contrast brightly against the crystal backdrop, are also worth noting.

Vortex Strain Grow Info

According to TGA Subcool, the strain is characterized by a number of strange changes. As a result, when you grow Vortex seeds, you should expect to spend plenty of time training your plants. If you’re a first-time grower, therefore, avoid Vortex.

The growth of this plant is quite slow. The branches are somewhat delicate. You may, however, increase yield using the SCROG technique. It’s possible to cultivate Vortex outside in your garden. If you try it, you could get a crop of up to five ounces per plant.

However, if you cultivate it indoors, you may be more likely to succeed. The typical yield is only four ounces per square meter when planted. Fortunately, experienced growers have discovered that employing SCROG training can increase the yield by up to an ounce or two. Consider utilizing LED lights since they might also make a valuable contribution to a larger crop.

Another option is to use hydroponics. This entails using a distinct growing medium than soil. Purchase of particular equipment is necessary. It allows you greater control over your plants’ nutrients. That being said, like producing the Vortex strain itself, hydroponics is the domain of the experienced cannabis cultivator. Indoor flowering time for this strain is 7-8 weeks.

The Vortex strain’s average THC concentration is roughly 18%. However, cuts with up to 20% THC are not uncommon. The Vortex strain has a CBD content of less than 0.6 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Vortex Strain

Given the high from the Vortex strain’s euphoric impact, it may be beneficial for those battling depression. The experience of bliss might distract you from your problems and inspire you to give in to its strange sense of joy.

The euphoria and sense of wellbeing that come with the high are so powerful that it’s difficult to want to get out until they fade. Because of this, this strain is popular among people dealing with tension.

It’s not the most powerful, but it’s strong enough to aid with chronic aches and pains. In general, Vortex is a preferred strain among recreational users, but it can also be used as an MMJ plant.

Possible Side Effects of the Vortex Strain

It is not suggested to use Vortex if you have anxiety or paranoia, as it is not beneficial for these conditions. It isn’t advised for those with severe anxiety disorders, in fact. It’s a fine line to distinguish whether you’re just “stressed” rather than “anxious.” The impact of this strain might exacerbate any paranoid or anxious thoughts that you have.

Vortex may be used to a dangerous degree, causing dizziness and headaches. As a result, if you’re a novice user, we recommend avoiding it. After usage, you could get dry eyes and a dry mouth.

Final Thoughts

Vortex is a good choice for those who are familiar with it and want assistance with depression or pain. It gives an exciting high that lasts two hours or so. For as long as the intoxication endures, you may feel energetic and inventive. Consider Vortex if you’re depressed, since it can produce an wonderful sensation of happiness and euphoria.

However, experts only need apply! Vortex isn’t suitable for anybody with a severe anxiety problem, either. It’s best to grow Vortex indoors in terms of cultivation. It benefits from being grown hydroponically.

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