Superman Kush Marijuana Strain

Whether or not it was intentional, the strain is named after the legendary figure. Sure, Superman OG marijuana has been shown to have a THC content of up to 27%, indicating that it is quite powerful. Instead of creating one super potent and capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound, what this cross does is help people transition into a total state of relaxation. There are certain individuals who are excessively calm who end up being glued to the sofa in some circumstances.

In the market, it appears that Superman OG strains are crossbreeds of strains other than those designated as originals. This is in part due to a lack of understanding about it. For example, we don’t even know who the initial breeder was. We do know that it’s a two-way crossing between Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush, though.

It’s also worth noting that one of Superman OG’s parents could be contributing to some of the confusion surrounding its genetics. Tahoe OG, depending on the breeder, can either be Indica or Sativa dominant. As a result, it’s feasible for several growers to combine the same parent strains to produce Superman OG; however, each may be Indica or Sativa dominant. Because of this, each strain bred by different breeders is likely to have differences.

Since the beginning, Superman has always originated from Krypton. But for the Superman OG strain, we have to ask.

Superman OG Effects

Even if the Sativa component is far below 20%, Superman OG nevertheless provides a fantastic cerebral high. This hybrid is certain to alter your mood significantly. It’s a strong strain, as mentioned previously, hence smokers may feel euphoric. Of course, that is something to be grateful for. As smoking marijuana is about having fun as much as it is for therapeutic purposes, the strain does not disappoint in this regard.

When you’re high on it, as soon as your mind starts to buzz, the aftereffects hit you. It’s followed by a sedative-like body high. At the start of using this strain, some users may experience a little energy boost, but that is now offset by the numbness. As a result, the user will become sleepy. This strain is fantastic to use at the end of the day or on days when nothing exciting happens because it provides a sense of relaxation without negatively impacting cognitive function.

At this point, as well as an hour or so later, the smoker is going to be hungry and drowsy. As a result, there’s now a problem to consider. Should one go out for food? However, it feels fantastic to stay on the sofa or in bed.


In terms of scent, Superman OG isn’t awful. The skunky tone with a distinct aroma of pine is most likely to be enjoyed by the majority of cannabis consumers.


Superman OG, on the other hand, seems to be a little more prone to having a skunky aroma. When it comes to its effects, though, Superman OG appears to have less of an odor. The earth and wood aftertaste is more apparent when comparing it to Sweet Bubba Kush’s flavor, thus enhancing its taste.

Superman OG Adverse Reaction

There’s no avoiding it: smoking marijuana has some side effects. Users frequently notice their mouth and eyes drying, which is accentuated by the fact that they feel their mouths and eyes drying. Those symptoms are relieved by drinking a lot of water for those who are unaware of them. Other than having a dry mouth and eyes, there aren’t many problems unless one consumes an excessive amount of it.

Superman OG Medical Medical Benefits

The sedative-like qualities of Superman OG have several advantages. While its high amount does cause couch-lock, it is beneficial to medical marijuana patients. The numbing effect it has on the body provides some sort of pain alleviation, for example. This effect is particularly beneficial for those who are suffering from discomfort because

Users generally become hungry and drowsy after smoking marijuana. In this manner, Superman OG can help people who need to enhance their appetite as well as insomniacs. While a user might feel both at the same time, there are others who only experience one of the two.

Superman OG Growing

Growing Superman OG is rather simple. The plant requires little maintenance and can thrive in a Mediterranean-like climate. It’s also true that while it may be grown outside, it’s more likely to succeed indoors. If so, using hydroponics and the Sea of Green (SOG) technique to cultivate the plant will result in shorter flowering time.

Superman OG Flowering Time

The yield of this strain is difficult to predict since it is produced from two unknown parents. With a flowering period expected as early as seven weeks, we can only estimate its yield based on its parents, which should be about 10 to 14 ounces per square meter. If you are growing it outside, expect a yield of around 14 ounces per plant; possibly more if the crop is mature by October.

Have you ever smoked or grown Superman OG? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments area.

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