Sugar Mints Hybrid

Sugar Mints Hybrid is a one-of-a-kind weed strain.The new Sugar Mints Hybrid is a potent Indica-dominant cultivar that generates many excellent phenotypes as a result of its two award-winning strains—Larry OG and Animal Cookies. Sugar Mints Hybrid plants are covered in a thick layer of sugary trichomes, which give them an imposing appearance.

Larry OG, commonly known as Lemon Larry, is a legendary OG Kush variety that has earned praise from growers, breeders, and customers around the world. This excellent strain produces more yield and better structure than most OG Kush cuts. Animal Cookies is also recognized for its amazing resin production, unusual flavor profile, and narcotic effects. Greenpoint Seeds developed Sugar Mints Hybrid by mixing these two strains together.

Sugar Mint Strain

Larry OG Lineage

Larry OG, the mother of Sugar Mints Hybrid, is said to be an original phenotype of OG Kush; however, it has some distinctions from the typical form. Larry OG frequently generates a greater yield and thicker branches than other OGs. As a consequence, many people believe that Larry OG is an S1 or a mix of OG Kush. During the early 2000s in Orange County, California, says legend, Larry OG was produced by a group of bikers.

The ancestry of OG Kush is unclear. Many people believe that OG Kush is a hybrid of Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush since to the strain’s lemony flavor and Kush-like structure. Others feel that it may be a Chemdawg descendant due to its funkiness, earthy fragrance.

Animal Cookies Lineage

Sugar Mints Hybrid, the other parent of Cookies Cookies Hybrid, is a combination of two elite strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. Despite the fact that the genealogy of Girl Scout Cookies is unknown, according to The Cookies Family, it’s a three-way hybrid between Durban Poison, Florida OG, and an unnamed strain referred to as “F1.”

The Fire OG, the other parent of Animal Cookies, is one of the most sought-after OG Kush cuts in the United States. According to some growers, Fire OG is a unique form of OG Kush; however, others believe it’s an S1 or a hybrid thereof.

Sugar Mint Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sugar Mints Hybrid was created via the famous Larry OG’s prized, clone-only pollination by Greenpoint Seeds. Sugar Mints Hybrid is a cross between Larry OG and Animal Cookies that results in a strain with award-winning qualities from both parents. Some plants may offer the same balanced effects and lemon-pine fragrance as Larry OG, while others may have the same narcotic stone and exceptional resin production as Animal Cookies. Most phenotypes will have characteristics from both lines.

Sugar Mint is a feminized Indica-dominant hybrid. Because feminized seeds make the growing process easier, growers like them. Growers may be certain that every seed will yield an all-female plant when they use feminized seeds because this guarantees that 99.9% of the seeds will produce females. This eliminates the need to keep an eye on the plants and separate the males from the garden, allowing growers to focus on more important matters.

Sugar Mint Aroma

The powerful and pungent fragrance of Willie Nelson OG is sweet and spicy. This strain smells of pine, dirt, gasoline, and lemon-scented cleaning chemicals. When the buds are crushed, traces of orange become perceptible.

The scent of Monster Cookies is strong and sweet, while Animal Cookies has a rich, sweet-and-sour aroma. The flowers exude a pleasant sweetness of brown sugar, cherry, and cookie dough with sharp notes of petrol, skunk, and dirt. When the petals of Animal Cookies are broken apart, pine and pepper scents emerge.

The wonderful aromas of Larry OG and Animal Cookies come together in Sugar Mint. This strain has scents of pine, lemon, orange, dirt, and gasoline with cookie dough, cherries, and brown sugar undertones. Some plants may lean toward the lemony bouquet of Larry OG while others may have more of the sweet-and-sour aroma of Animal Cookies depending on the variety.

Sugar Mint Flavor

Sugar Mint is a hybrid strain with a flavor profile that melds the tastes of its parents, including pine, lemon, orange, dirt, and gasoline with hints of cookie dough, cherries, brown sugar, and menthol. The smoke is smooth and lingers in the mouth for quite some time after smoking Sugar Mint Hybrid. Some OG-dominant plants will taste more citrusy and piney; other Cookies-dominant plants will taste more like cherry and cookie dough. Most plants produce a variety of tastes.

Sugar Mint Effects

The Larry OG strain is a potent yet well-balanced high. Users claim that this variety provides a powerful cerebral high that may raise the mood as well as relieve tension. This invigorating cerebral effect is counteracted with a soothing, body-numbing stone that helps to alleviate pain, reduce muscular tightness, and stimulate the appetite. Larry OG delivers an ecstatic and relaxing experience that is both uplifting and pleasant. Consuming in moderation, Larry OG makes for a wonderful afternoon smoke.

Cookies that look like cannabis seeds will be provided to the patient. The effects of these cookies are powerful and narcotic. This Indica-dominant strain provides a strong body buzz that can help relieve tension and pain. The high comes on swiftly, raising mood, appetites, and muscles while relaxing the body. Even the most seasoned marijuana smokers may fall asleep after eating too much of this strain.

The combination of Larry OG and Animal Cookies creates Sugar Mint, which has a well-balanced high that’s powerful yet soothing. The feeling begins with a wave of euphoria, then gradually transforms into a soothing stone. Larry OG phenotypes are more uplifting and cerebral, while Animal Cookies phenotypes are more narcotic.

Sugar Mint Structure

Larry OG’s major benefit is its solid structure. This variety tends to produce a greater yield and stronger branches than most OG Kush phenotypes. Larry OG is medium to tall in stature, with broad shoulders and large, emerald-green foliage. This cultivar produces massive, weighty colas dusted with resin throughout the plant. Larry OG develops big, round buds with lime-green calyxes, dark-green sugar leaves, orange pistils, and milky trichomes

Animal Cookies is a tall, thin-branched plant with dark green leaves. When exposed to chilly temperatures, the leaves often take on tones of purple and red. Bright green, popcorn-size buds dotted with purple sugar Leaves and crimson-orange pistils are produced by Animal Cookies.

Sugar Mints Hybrid, like its parents, is medium to tall in height, with long branches and wide internodal spacing. This one produces medium to large colas that are very heavily coated in resin. The flowers are extremely dense and sticky. Some phenotypes of Sugar Mints Hybrid may reveal hues of purple and crimson in the leaves and buds when exposed to cold temperatures.

Growing Sugar Mints Hybrid

Larry OG is a strain that is easy to grow and resistant to most pests, diseases, and environmental stresses. This cannabis variety may be cultivated indoors and outdoors under a range of conditions. Larry OG prefers a temperate environment with low humidity when grown outside. Larry OG is a voracious feeder that thrives on a high-calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, and phosphorus diet.

Cannabis Cookies, on the other hand, is a difficult strain to grow for most novices. This plant is vulnerable to fluctuations in pH and temperature as well as various environmental factors. Animal Cookies thrives when cultivated in an environment with a constant pH, plenty of light, and adequate nutrition.

Sugar Mint is an easier-to-grow variety than most Cookies. It’s resistant to most pests and illnesses, making it a good choice for growing in your garden. This species is versatile and can be cultivated both indoors and outside. Some Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes, on the other hand, may be more susceptible to environmental calamities.

During the early flowering stage, Larry OG and Animal Cookies tend to expand greatly. Sugar Mints Hybrid tends to stretch vertically during the early flowering period, like its parents. Growers may use a combination of high-stress and low-stress training methods to minimize vertical growth while increasing yield. Topping, fimming, super cropping, and other training procedures are effective with this cultivar.

Pest & Disease Control 

Sugar Mint Hybrid cultivars are resistant to pests and illnesses; however, some plants may be vulnerable to powdery mildew infections. Powdery mildew can be prevented by providing the plants with sufficient lighting and air circulation, as well as lowering the humidity level during the blooming season. To stop the spread of powdery mildew, growers may also use foliar sprays such as water and apple cider vinegar solutions.

Some Sugar Mints Hybrid plants are susceptible to bud rot due to the density and frost of their buds. Providing adequate ventilation and maintaining a relative humidity level below 50 percent during flowering can help growers avoid bud rot.

An adequate amount of micronutrients is required for OG and Cookies strains. Using a cal-mag supplement or adding dry amendments like Epsom salt and dolomite lime to the growth medium can help prevent calcium and magnesium shortages. pH meter use is advised when preparing the nutrient solutions because some Animal Cookies -dominant phenotypes are sensitivity to pH changes.

Harvesting & Curing Sugar Mints Hybrid

Sugar Mint fruits take on a darker hue as the flower matures. The flowering cycle lasts roughly nine weeks, but some phenotypes may take up to ten weeks to fully mature. Growers can check for ripeness by looking for resin glands on the flowers using a magnifying glass or microscope. When the trichomes have whitened and some are beginning to amber, the plants are completely ripe. Sugar Mints Hybrid may provide a more stimulating, Sativa-like high if the plants are picked while the trichomes are transparent rather than fully amber. Harvesting the plants when they’re mostly an Amber might result in a more sedative effect. To maximize yield and potency, harvesting at peak maturity is recommended.

Sugar Mints Hybrid are grown in hydroponic systems that allow for shorter harvest time and quicker shipping. Plants are flushed with distilled water two to two weeks before harvest, at which time they stop feeding them with fertilizers. The Sugar Mints Hybrid fan leaves might turn yellow, purple, or red during the flushing process.

The plants are generally cut down while they are still growing. The top colas are then removed, and the large fan leaves are subsequently removed. Trimming away the frosty sugar leaves surrounding the blooms is the next stage in preparing them for harvest. These sugar leaves may be preserved and used to produce hash, tinctures, and a variety of other items.

When the buds are trimmed, they must be dried. The branches may be hung up or placed on a drying rack for three to six days. Sugar Mints Hybrid takes considerably longer to dry owing to its high density and frost of the buds. When the stems snap than bend, they have fully dried.

The drying process finally comes to an end, and the buds must be cured. The curing process is crucial since it ensures that the buds’ potency, fragrance, and taste are preserved. Growers cut the buds from the branches and seal them in sealable glass jars before putting them in a cool, dry, and dark place to cure them. They keep the jars in a cold, dry, and dark location and open them once or twice a day to allow moisture to escape from the flowers. It might take up on

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