How to smoke moon rocks?

Outside the present marijuana culture, there are also moon rocks — buds coated in a sticky substance and then rolled in kief. Moonrocks reign as a throwback to yesteryear, reminding you that it’s still possible to be too high to accomplish anything except belly laugh and laze about in today’s mindfulness-and-wellness-obsessed world.

So, exactly what are moon rocks, and why should you smoke them? You can’t miss Weedmaps News’ explanation of how to smoke them, from countdown to blastoff.

Why smoke moon rocks?

Stoners frequently employ moon rocks as a sort of “stoner hacking” tool. These coated buds have at least 50% THC and cost from $30 to $60 per gram. Moon ROCKS is the name given to concentrated forms of cannabis that may be ingested alone.

A microdose, in the context of a three-course meal, would be an appetizer, a fire pre-roll is a main dish, and moon rocks would be a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae you grab on the road home from dinner: not always the most exquisite meal around, but it gets the job done.

Moon rocks have a wide range of uses outside of wanting to get out-of-this-world high, including in the medical industry. Because many cannabis goods are restricted by law to a milligram quantity, for example, people who require high dosages of THC to treat their problems turn to moon rocks for relief.


  • They’re the one-stop-shop for getting as high as humanly possible.
  • Easy and cost-effective: purchasing the three ingredients separately will set you back way more than buying a simple gram of moon rocks. 
  • Great for medicinal patients who require high THC dosage.
  • Always a fun party favor and/or conversation piece.


  • They go as high as possible to get you there, which, in my experience, isn’t always ideal.
  • Only moon rocks can be smoked in glass. Don’t roll them into a joint or blunt, and don’t put them in a grinder. It will make an awful lot of debris. Place a tiny piece on a bowl of flower or use it as a separate bowl.
  • You can’t leave moon rocks in the sun or your car on a hot day for too long, since they will get overly hot. If they become excessively warm, they may develop into a gooey, gummy, sticky mess that never recovered its planetary grandeur.

How to smoke moonrocks

What you’ll need: 

  • 1 gram of moon rocks
  • 1 gram of flower
  • 1 blade or straight razor 
  • 1 glass piece (pipe, bubbler, bong)
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 rolling tray

Step 1

Cut the moon rock nug into four or five pieces using your blade. Place one moon rock nug on the rolling tray. Using a knife, cut the nug into four or five pieces.

Step 2

Take your glass piece and pack a normal bowl of flower.

Step 3

Put a Moonrock chunk on top of the normal bowl of flower.

Step 4

Place the plant directly under the moon rock, then hold your lighter to its surface and burn it gently, sizzling and melting into the flower beneath. If it catches fire, use your extinguisher.

Do not touch the moon rock. It will stick to you and burn you. Trust me, it sucks. 

Step 5

Inhale as you apply low heat to the bowl until the entire thing is cherried. 

Again, never touch the sticky little devil during this process, you will regret it. 

Step 6

Exhale a huge cloud. Coughing uncontrollably is optional.

Put Down the Grinder

Grounding your moon rocks will not only remove the kief and precious concentrate from them, but it also destroys a large amount of the beneficial material. When you grind or crumble your moon rocks, significant portions of the exceptional concentrate and kief are lost to the grinder’s teeth or fingers. Instead of crumbling or grinding your moon rocks, cut tiny pieces off with small scissors, a sharp knife, or a razor instead.

Consider smoking from a dab rig with a smaller bowl than one with a larger one if you want to achieve the same amount of THC. Moon rocks are delicious, attractive, and enticing, but you’ll be taking a hit from a hose full of THC. If you use a tiny chamber, there will be less smoke generated since more cannabis will enter your lungs. The remainder can be carbonized and kept for future reference.

If you’re using your moon rocks in a bong, keep the following guidelines in mind to minimize oil loss (use an ice pinch slide). To limit oil loss, start by cleaning and refilling the water of your bong. If you’re smoking a high-quality product, why not enjoy the full flavor? Finally, it’s preferable not to smoke moon rocks out of a hand-held vaporizer since extra oil and resin might damage the components.

Add Moon Rocks onto Your Flower

Moon rocks soaked in cannabis oil can be difficult to light. It’s a good idea to slice off several pieces and lay them on top of some normal ground flower, whether it’s a joint, blunt, or bowl, to keep your fire burning while getting the entire impact of moon rocks. You’ll also save more of your stuff for the next time.

Another approach is to make a “Landmine” by putting your moon rocks between two ground-up layers of bud. When it comes to smoking your moon rocks in a joint or blunt, the ideal way to do so is to smash the nug up and add it into an marijuana (or tobacco) base.

Because moon rocks are so well saturated with cannabis oil, they’re difficult to light and keep burning. It’s a good idea to follow the same regimen while smoking as you would when rolling a hash joint.

Partake in the Afternoon or Evening

It’s not the sort of herb to take when you’ve got other things to do, particularly not in the beginning. While moon rocks are not advised for everyday wake and bake, they’re ideal for your evening wind down. Put on a movie or some music while relaxing on that couch all night.

Have Plenty of Water and Snacks On Hand

After that initial hit, the most enthusiastic of cannabis consumers will be going nowhere. This three-peat of THC can also result in cottonmouths three times as severe as usual, so no one wants to be both parched and glued to the couch. It’s also a good idea to drink a glass or two of water before your first hit to avoid starting with a thirst deficit, as well as keeping some more liquid on hand. The same goes for your hunger; make sure you have some snacks within reach once you’ve finished smoking or vaping your bowl or bong.

So, now that you know how to smoke moon rocks, go grab some water, a pair of scissors, and a nice glass container. Just don’t expect anything else to happen the rest of the day, especially if you’ve never tried moon rocks before!

 Pick Up Your Pipe

Moon rocks are ideally smoked in a bong or pipe. Pack your moon rocks loosely in the bowl; you’ll need plenty of air circulation. Once you’ve applied some flame, expect resin to clog your piece relatively quickly since the moon rocks are already wet with oil and sticky with kief. Expect more oil than usual to flow down your piece.

You may then decide to orbit the living room, alternately touching the fridge, television and couch for as long as you like. If you’re going down again, repeat!

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