Green Lantern Sativa

The capacity to cause devastating cerebral damage is possessed by the Green Lantern Sativa. It does not address how it acquired that power, but it is unclear. Its creator is unknown, although there appears to be a consensus that it was born from a coupling between Green Crack and White Rhino.

Information about Green Lantern Sativa

In a way, the fact that there have been rumors regarding its parentage is a testament to its quality. People do not talk about obscure and useless strains, after all. Green Lantern Sativa, on the other hand, is an exception. Green Crack, which has a reputation for being both strong and powerful, is reflected in much of its structure. Both share qualities such as providing strong mental stimulation. It’s apparent why this plant appeals to fans of intense cognitive activity.

While Green Crack is a pure Sativa strain, Green Lantern Sativa also provides an understated cerebral high paired with a mild and soothing body sensation. If White Rhino’s DNA is to be believed, it explains yet another distinctive feature – therapeutic qualities.

The majority of people outside the United States have never heard of it. It is not readily accessible, though it has withstood the test of time since debuting in the 1960s, when it may have happened as early as the 1950s. Although seeds are not available, flowers do appear at dispensaries from time to time. One thing to remember is that one type is named after another line descended from a different strain known as OG Kush, Purple Urkle, and Killer Queen. A cross between these three strains was used to produce a hybrid called K2 (Killer Queen).


Green Lantern Sativa may take a bit of time after a hit before users feel its effects. Granted that it contains up to 28% THC, the mental stimulation does not slam people hard but instead comes in increasing intensity.

Not long after the onset, Green Lantern Sativa causes people to feel sensitive to the surroundings. Even with the buzzing high, these heightened senses also translate to an uncanny ability to focus. Similar to caffeine, the strain also provides a boost in energy. It can indeed keep people motivated and locked on completing tasks or chores.

Apart from mental effects, the strain can also alter behavior. Its ability to enhance the mood and induce happiness can brighten up the day. Most people, at this point, find themselves not only sociable but also could be too talkative. Gradually, over time, a subtle, soothing body high follows and complement these exceptional cerebral effects.

At times, some people may succumb to the devastating power of Green Lantern Sativa. Its psychedelic high may be too intense. In this case, one could experience changes in depth perception. Visual distortions could also occur in which sound is amplified, and colors become vivid. Instead of being on the go and staying active, users fall into deep introspection.


Green Lantern Sativa has a lemony and earthy fragrance that is accentuated by an overtone of pine. Breaking the bud, it also emits a spicy note.


Its profile is most citrusy with a strong note of pine. Once exhaled, it leaves a peppery, spicy aftertaste. While the taste itself is pleasant, its smoke is on the harsh side causing some people to cough a little.

Adverse Reaction

Green Lantern Sativa comes with some nuisances. Typical of marijuana use, dry mouth and eyes are both customary. Its intense and buzzing effects can cause some people to feel dizzy too. Once users exceed tolerance limit, it has the potential to induce mild paranoia or anxiety.


If there is one thing that this strain can do apart from the soaring high, then that is hammering stress to oblivion. The mood-enhancing properties of Green Lantern Sativa can also greatly benefit people with depression.

One other way that people use it for medical reasons is to alleviate the symptoms of pains. A natural painkiller, it offers a reprieve from headaches as well as body aches due to chronic illnesses.

Using this strain causes people to feel hungry and crave for food. As such, it works as an excellent appetite stimulant.


Green Lantern Sativa should thrive in a dry and warm climate. Due to its structure, it can naturally provide more yield than typical Indica plants. However, that is also because of a more extended flowering period.

Grown indoors, most people are likely to opt for hydroponics. And, in combining it with stress training, it can help shorten the growth rate while further improving the yield. In the outdoors, the plant could reach more than 3m tall. Preferably, it should not be in an environment where there might be sudden changes in the temperature.

Unfortunately for home growers, the seeds of Green Lantern Sativa are not available.

Flowering Time

Shortening the flowering period to 9 weeks is possible. Even so, it is best to give it a week or two before harvesting. Its yield should be better than average with some 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.

At the latest, growers should harvest the flowers no later than early November before it gets too cold. Each plant should produce some 16 ounces of buds.


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