Dragon Tears Hybrid

The Dragon Tears Hybrid is a fascinating mix of indica and sativa genes, with a pleasant cerebral buzz and a delicious, citrusy twist.

The Dragon Tears Hybrid is a paradoxical sort of plant. It has an intense and exciting high, but it is tempered by a soothing edge. This strain also provides an uplifting and euphoric sensation as well as a little boost of energy. This strain is excellent for getting rid of the afternoon blues.

The Dragon Tears Hybrid is also a great, entertaining trip that aids in pain and depression alleviation. It’s also a cannabis strain that may be enjoyed with your buddies. Dragonfruit generates giggling joy while at the same time promoting serenity and intriguing discussion. It has an intriguing smell as well as a delicious taste.

This mix has a pleasant fruit and pine aroma, with a zing of tart, citrusy excitement. Customers won’t have to accept anything skunky or dank with this one. The Dragon Tears Hybrid comprises notes of sweet fruit and crisp fresh air, as well as a burst of tangy, citrusy enjoyment.

What Is the Dragon Tears Hybrid?

The Dragon Tears Hybrid is a mix of sativa and indica qualities. The Snow Lotus strain, as well as Silver Haze, are the two strains that created this hybrid. The characteristics given to Dragon Fruit cannabis by each of these strains come from its hybrid nature.

Despite its reputation for being a couch potato, Snow Lotus only has the capacity to calm, relax, and tranquilize. Silver Haze delivers Dragon Fruit’s energy and exuberance, leading customers to a talkative, happy, and satisfied session.

A pleasant smoke is created when these characteristics are combined. Customers enjoy the smooth, mellow let-down and report that its cerebral buzz leaves them clear-minded and concentrated. It enables you to keep track of tasks and daily routines while being suitable for a daytime smoke.

The Dragon Tears Hybrid defies critics. It doesn’t have much dankness and isn’t particularly skunked. It offers a burst of bright fruit, citrus undertones, and a hint of warm dirt instead.

A fanatical following has formed around this flavor combination. Despite its popularity, novice users should take this strain with caution. Although most people do not experience any negative effects, the Dragon Tears Hybrid’s high 25% THC concentration might induce a few poor responses. To avoid unpleasant symptoms, new consumers should start with small dosages before increasing their dosage.

The Hybrid strain of Cat’s Claw is effective in treating a variety of issues. Pain from headaches, joint pains, and sadness are among the problems it can help with. Because this plant may also increase hunger, smokers should keep snacks and food on hand. It’s great for women’s health concerns like cramps and irritation.


The Dragon Tears Hybrid has a pleasant aroma. It’s got citrusy, tart lemon and lime undertones with a hint of sweetness. Earth, herb, pine, and a little diesel are some of the other scents detected.


The Dragon Fruit plant produces a wide range of cannabinoids, some of which have been shown to be beneficial in treating certain diseases. Users also report notes of rich, delicious fruit on the exhale.

A variety of tastes emerge as the lemon flavor fades. These include crisp, fresh pine and a delicate hint of herb, as well as warm, rich soil. Some people may also sense an undercurrent of light spice in the background.


The Dragon Tears Hybrid has a lush and colorful look about it. It’s covered with a thick layer of crystalline trichomes, which gives it its stickiness. It also contains a thick covering of amber and orange pistils, as well as some other stunning colors, including bright purples and brilliant greens. In addition to these lovely hues, the strain includes some warm golden yellows and a medley of light and dark blues.

Dragon Tears Hybrid Grow Info

Dragon Fruit seeds will grow in both indoor and outdoor climates. Dragonfruit Cannabis plants flourish when they are exposed to natural light, with temperatures between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit considered optimal. The flowering period of Dragon Fruit cannabis plants is approximately 7-10 weeks, depending on the cultivator. High-pressure sodium lighting can help shorten waiting periods by utilizing high-pressure sodium illumination. This form of lighting is beneficial for promoting blooming and maturing quicker.

The plant is short, squat, and bushlike. Pruning and trimming are two additional beneficial growth techniques that take advantage of these features. Pruning and trimming allow for the circulation of photosynthesis-essential nutrients throughout the plant’s bodies, including at the nodes.

Growers may also choose to use hydroponics. If soil is chosen instead, growers should use a variety of soil additives. The enhancements aid in the growth of the strain by providing it not only necessary nutrients but also enhancing taste profiles. It’s tolerant to mold and mildew, and it’s resistant to pests.

Medical Benefits of the Dragon Tears Hybrid

The Dragon Tears Hybrid is used to treat a variety of problems. Migraines and low energy are just a few of the symptoms that people use it to alleviate. This strain has been found in clinical studies to be helpful for anorexia-related weight loss, lack of appetite, and other issues linked with starvation. Chronic pain and depressive symptoms may also be alleviated using this plant.

This strain is popular among women who use it to treat ailments including cramps, inflammation, muscular spasms, and back discomfort. Cannabis users also enjoy the strain’s euphoric and uplifting effects. It may improve moods and alleviate some symptoms associated with PTSD and social anxiety.

Users of this variety praise its focus-inducing qualities. It may also help with creativity and attention. Users claim that consuming this strain can provide some alleviation to persons living with ADHD/ADD.

It can also assist those who are feeling fatigued. It promotes and eradicates restlessness and boredom without causing overstimulation. It may be the ideal match for individuals looking for a little pick-me-up with some relaxation.

Possible Side Effects of the Dragon Tears Hybrid

The Dragon Tears Hybrid may cause undesirable effects in some people. These responses include dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, headaches, and occasionally tiredness.

Final Thoughts

The Dragon Tears Hybrid is a fantastic choice for unwinding after a long day at work or getting an energetic afternoon boost. Its euphoric effects ensure that users feel happy and uplifted, and it’s also great for socializing.

Consumers enjoy the blissful feelings it offers, as well as how it removes residual sensations of social timidity and anxiety. It has a strong high that usually comes on swiftly and persistently. The Dragon Tears Hybrid, on the other hand, is said to provide a pleasant high with a calm intellectual buzz.

Dragon Fruit is also a great choice for those searching for a daytime smoke. It has a mild stimulant effect that increases focus and energy. This leaves enough room to finish tasks or other projects without being emotionally trapped on the couch. Dragon Fruit may also help people who suffer from migraines, cramps, muscular spasms, or severe stress.

For those wanting to cultivate at home, this strain may be one of the more difficult ones. Its tiny size puts it in line with other plants that are perfect for people with less space. It, however, has some further specific demands. These requirements include a lot of light and frequent nutrient supplementation.

The Dragon Tears Hybrid generally blooms after 7-10 weeks, however several growers state that this isn’t a precise number. Despite its growing demands, many in the cannabis community consider this plant to be a keeper. A lot of users say it has a strong flavor without being harsh like other strains.

Dragon Tears is an outstanding plant for foodies or individuals who enjoy high-quality taste. The Dragon Tears Hybrid differs from other hashy strains in that it has strong fruity, pine, and earthy undertones. Overall, this strain is strong with a number of helpful qualities.

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