Dance World Marijuana Strain

Dance World is a sativa-dominant strain with high levels of CBD and significant medicinal value. It’s a cross between Juanita la Lagrimosa and Dancehall, with 75% sativa / 25% indica genes.

The Dance World strain is a short, sativa-dominant cannabis plant. It grows to be 60–90cm tall and blooms in around 8 weeks. Cannabis isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the term “Dance World,” but it’s a well-known and powerful variety. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a laid-back strain. However, it may put you in the mood to shake your hips – hence the name – Dance World strain.

Dance World is a sativa-dominant strain created by Royal Queen Seeds in Spain and has high THC and CBD levels, as well as great medical value. To improve healing properties, the firm crossed Dancehall with European Juanita la Lagrimosa to enhance perfection seekers after. After all, the latter is recognized for its high CBD levels and functional high. Because of its Dancehall parent, Dance World is known for its lively, boosting effects that encourage a good attitude and stimulate productivity. Find out more in our full review below.

What Is the Dance World Strain?

Dance World is a sativa-dominant strain (75% sativa / 25% indica) that was created via a cross of the Dancehall and Juanita la Lagrimosa strains. Although it’s primarily known for its high amounts of CBD, it also contains significant amounts of THC. It’s one of the few cannabis strains with an almost 1:1 CBD to THC ratio.

The name “Dance World” implies a good time and a psychedelic high. However, you’ll have to wait a few minutes because the sativa effects are not as quick-acting as its CBD counterparts. Many do, however, report a gradual increase in energy levels accompanied by an electric sensation that courses through the body.

This strain’s high CBD levels may not appear to be psychoactive at first due on the presence of enormous amounts of CBN. Only 10 to 15 minutes after taking a puff, some users notice alleviation from any long-standing muscular discomfort. The body high in extremely large dosages and comfortable settings might even progress into couchlock and total numbness in some cases.

The first signs are frequently only recognized once the behavioral changes have occurred. Users become more energetic and cheerful as a result of their newfound self-assurance, allowing them to reach out to themselves. Many people report that an improved mood has allowed them to open up to others around them, which is an excellent indication that mental health is on track.


The earthy scent of freshly dried flowers is often the first wafted out by the cured blooms. Expect some fruity, citrus-like undertones to brighten up the scent. There’s a hashy, spicy aroma that comes forth when the flowers are plucked or ground – possibly from its Afghan stock.


Dance World gives off a fragrant and herbal-tinged smoke when combusted in a joint or pipe, making it easy to consume. The exhaled smoke has a fruity flavor.


The Dance World variety’s flowers are generally medium to big in size. The loose, open structure of the notoriously showy blooms that most other mostly sativa strains have is typical of this strain.

The buds have a rugged shape and are a bright spring green color. Curly brown pistils wind around the buds. The inner and outer layers of the flowers are coated with resinous white trichomes.

Dance World Strain Grow Info

The Dance World strain is a short, sativa-dominant cannabis plant. From a distance, it would appear to be a shorter sativa because of its stature. It has a height of 60–90cm and blooms in approximately 8 weeks.

Dance World thrives in cooler conditions, and it does well in the sun. This is because of its cold-resistant genes, which makes it ideal for growers in the northern hemisphere who may struggle to grow sun-loving plants due to the weather. It’s also excellent at withstanding issues caused by humidity, such as mildew and mold.

This plant is sensitive to heat. Breeders from the southern hemisphere, therefore, have an advantage growing Dance World in indoor locations where temperature and lighting may be readily controlled. This implies that they can simulate conditions at higher elevations without difficulty.

Chiva was created by crossing White Widow with an unknown sativa. It takes about 10 to 12 weeks to mature indoors. However, it has a short flowering duration of just 8 weeks. Furthermore, it flowers between the first and seventh week of October in the outdoor environment.

The THC levels in The Dance World range from 12 to 15 percent. So both novice and experienced users will be able to fully enjoy this strain. There is no indication that the THC level has risen above 15%. CBD levels have been measured at 11%, although nothing higher is expected. That said, despite having a lot of THC, the CBD levels are quite remarkable, especially for a strain with such high THC contents.

Medical Benefits of the Dance World Strain

Dance World’s high CBD levels make it highly desirable for medical marijuana patients. Its calm, laid-back physical sensation may aid in the alleviation of bodily discomfort, whether caused by injury or chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia. Furthermore, the strain’s anti-inflammatory effects can help with common symptoms such as cramps and headaches.

Also, high CBD and THC strains like Dance World are supposed to be good for your mind. People who can handle and appreciate the cerebral stimulation of this strain may find it beneficial in the treatment of stress and sadness. The mood-enhancing features, which can help users control tumultuous emotions such as those experienced with PTSD, are a bonus.

Dance World can also benefit those with attention deficit disorders, allowing them to stay focused on a single activity. Take note that because its physical side effects might be powerful enough to cause some people to feel detached, Dance World is not suggested for individuals who have a low THC tolerance or suffer from panic attacks.

Possible Side Effects of the Dance World Strain

Dance World is a cannabis-based remedy that, while not having many drawbacks, is not without side effects. Although Dance World has few negative side effects, there is the risk of frequent dry mouth – a typical cannabis effect. The good news is that dehydration can be easily remedied by drinking water. When smoking marijuana, some people get headaches to some extent; however, this varies based on the dosage used.

Dance World is a strain that can be used by both recreational and medical marijuana users, since it is extremely versatile. It’s an uplifting strain with significant medicinal potential and soothing effects. Many experts consider Dance World to be quite relaxing, allowing both the recreational and medical sides of life to be experienced while using this product.

The THC levels reach 12%, and the CBD levels are almost identical. Dance World may be the ideal option if you want a strong dose of CBD without feeling out of it.

The high isn’t overwhelming or sedating. Rather, it surrounds the body in relaxation, allowing consumers to deal with issues head-on with outstanding enthusiasm. Dance World will also do if you want to go dancing. After all, it does assist the body in moving more smoothly.

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