Сannabis flower make no mistakes

During flowering, marijuana is more vulnerable to neglect.  cannabis flower  plant's resources are focused on forming inflorescences and gaining flower mass, making any stress much more dangerous to hemp health. In addition, new branches or leaves can no longer flower once they have switched to flowering, so any losses that the bush may suffer if it gets sick are not compensated for. Unfortunately, it is on the flowering that the novice grower usually relaxes, since half of it seems to be made. We're going to talk about the 7 most common problems that arise...
Сannabis flower make no mistakes


  1. Make sure that the plants do not pollinate.
  2. Keep the lamp on a tight leash.
  3. Keep an eye on the pH of soil and water. Avoid overdose with fertiliser.
  4. Take care of the smell
  5. Keep the humidity below 50%.
  6. Wash the plants in front of the harvester.
  7. How long will the flowering last and when will you harvest?
  8. What are the signs of cannabis maturity?
  9. 7 Trim and cure the inflorescences - do not neglect.

Make sure that the plants do not pollinate.

On flowering, any stress (especially from lighting) can lead to hermaphrodite plants. Having male signs, hermaphrodites can pollinate your female plants if you do not disturb them. The male genitals https://gg4.store/product-category/flower/of hermaphrodites look like either pollen bags or a bunch of bananas. When inspecting the stake, check if there are any male signs on your plants and, if found, carefully remove them with tweezers.

A bladed bag of pollen and pollen.

The pollen on the hemp leaf

Hermaphrodite plant. Pollen sacs grow along with feminine traits:

  • Pollen pouches grow along with feminine traits
  • "Bananas" in the middle of the female inflorescences. The reason - the plants were hot.
  • The presence of bananas in the female inflorescences...

"Bananas, if you don't use slang, are stamens, i.e. the pollen production organ usually found inside a pollen bag. In the next photo, we see a female plant that has only grown one stamen:

A stamen on a woman's inflorescence.

But one stamen is enough to pollinate your bushes if you don't remove it in time. The pollinated shrubs are no longer interested in their inflorescences, the flower mass stops, and the inflorescences themselves become much weaker. The plant is now throwing all its energy into forming seeds. As a smoker's stuff, it's already a second-rate crop.

Keep the lamp on a tight leash.

The first month of flowering for most hemp shrubs is marked by a growth explosion - the so-called stretch is the plant's reaction to the changing phase of life. As a rule, the height of the plant increases by 1.5-2 times per month, sometimes even tripling.

Example of a stretch: The plant on the right has almost doubled its height:

The plant has been increased by the stretch

In the Indore, plants are thus often moved too close to the lamp hanging above them. The result - burns, abnormal development, hermaphroditisation. Keep a safe distance from the lamp to the hemp. For hot luminaires like DNAT you need a distance of 50-60 cm, for diode panels 30-40 cm. It is not difficult to check whether the lamp burns the plant: simply place your hand under the lamp near the tip of the bush itself. If your hand is hot and unpleasant, the plant too. Either bend it down or move the bulb above it.

Keep an eye on the pH of soil and water. Avoid overdose with fertiliser.

More than half of all Grover's hemp problems are due to an incorrect pH value in the root area. In a hydroponic plant, the pH value depends on whether your plants will survive to harvest. In soil, the pH value determines whether your plants will be able to fully feed and develop, or whether they will never gain growth and flower mass by remaining dwarfs.

Quite often, if the pH is wrong, the plant shows symptoms of a lack of minerals, but the reason is that the soil does not check the acid-alkaline balance of the soil or water.

Mineral deficiency in cannabis.

In the next picture, the glossy shine and dark color of the plants along with the contrasting yellowing create a clear impression of copper deficiency. However, simply adding copper will not help in this case, because the roots cannot absorb it due to pH problems.

Copper deficiency in a hemp bush

The speckle on the leaves is a classic sign of incorrect pH.

Signs of incorrect pH

Often, burned leaf tips are immediately diagnosed as a chemical burn, but the real cause of the burn may be a deviation from pH - especially if the tips are not the only ones burned.

Burned tips of cannabis leaves

The ideal pH for each variety and substrate will be slightly different, but on average any value between 5.5 and 6.5 will be successful in hydroponics and 6.0 to 7.0 in soil. Water pH can be measured using litmus paper or an electronic TDS meter. To measure the soil pH, stir a handful of distilled water and find out the pH solution.

As far as fertiliser is concerned, you should be very careful with the dosage https://www.leafly.com/products/cannabis/flower on the flowering area. Over dosage can reduce the volume and taste of your crop. If you find signs of a shortage of any minerals. 

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