Boss OG Marijuana Strain

The Boss OG strain is a separate variety from Mob Boss. It has a beautiful floral and sweet flavor profile with delicate undertones of pine and lemon that bring everything together. Boss OG will begin with a nice cerebral high, followed by an extremely relaxing body high – making it ideal for use in the evenings and at night.

With thousands of strains to select from, it’s all too easy to mix up one with another. The Boss OG strain is frequently mistaken with Mob Boss, which is true. They are NOT the same, despite the fact that both strains are extremely strong.

What Is the Boss OG Strain?

The Dark Heart Nursery’s OG Kush is an OG strain with a classic OG experience. It’s a balanced cross developed by Dark Heart Nurseries, and its characteristics resemble Fire OG rather than Mob Boss. It has a reputation for having an excellent taste and large yield, as well as the ability to put people to sleep.

The initial Boss OG high starts with powerful cerebral effects that make their way to your brain, producing a feeling of euphoria. It’s worth thinking about when you’re feeling blue since it can lift your spirits and make you feel cheerful for no apparent reason.

The effects of this strain are no secret, since it is a cross between OG Kush and as such its effects are predictable. The finest of both worlds may be achieved by combining a sativa head high and an indica body high. You may feel your thoughts tumbling over one another after the head high has worn off.

A warm body high follows, which is nearly narcotic. The medicinal effects of the strain become apparent at this point. Users with a high level of marijuana tolerance might be able to accomplish many tasks while high on Boss OG, but it generally causes couch lock and makes it difficult to stay awake.


The odor of the Boss OG marijuana strain is earthy and woody, with a lemon and pine undertone. It also has the tiniest hint of spice.


You should detect a delicate herbal and earthy flavor when you exhale, which is comparable to the scent of fresh cut pine.


This bud is made of dense, forest green nugs that are heart-shaped. It has amber crystal trichomes and dark orange hair.

Boss OG Strain Grow Info

To cultivate Fire OG, rather than Boss OG cannabis seeds, you will need to acquire clones. It develops similarly to Fire OG, although it delivers a greater yield. It’s not the most simple plant to grow, so we advise those with a few prior harvests.

The strain is not particularly simple to cultivate, therefore we recommend it to people with a few good harvests under their belts. When it comes to Boss OG, soil-based nutrients may be difficult, so a hydroponics setup may be worth the investment. If you go that route, here are a few quick pointers:

  • To improve control over the climate, make sure the grow room temperature is constant and pick up easy grow reflective sheeting to get better command. The lower temperatures of Boss OG can be tolerated, but it’s preferable to keep the daytime temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • By adding CO2 to the grow chamber, you may increase yield. It also helps your plants resist higher temperatures. Boss OG crops might thrive in a growth room with elevated CO2 and temperatures as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Check on your growing bulbs on a regular basis. Light dissipates at an accelerated rate and can deteriorate by up to 30% in a year.
  • To assist with the proper mixing of nutrients and the adequate oxygenation of your reservoir, combine an air bubbler and an air stone.

Boss OG may be cultivated either indoors or outdoors, although it performs best when shielded from the elements. If you want to cultivate Boss OG outside, keep in mind that it will mold if exposed to rain.

Boss OG plants will vertically develop until week four after your crop reaches the flowering stage. As a consequence, you may keep the vegetative period short and use two trellises. Boss OG is a voracious grower with an appetite for phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium, like other strains with OG genetics.

The THC concentration of ‘Boss OG cannabis’ ranges from 19% to 30%. If you get the higher, be very cautious when using it! Boss OG has a CBD content of up to 1% in some cuts.

Medical Benefits of the Boss OG Strain

The strain known as “Potent” has powerful effects and is thus a popular medical cannabis type. Users claim that it delivers excellent pain alleviation. It may be an efficient weapon against sleeplessness since it causes drowsiness.

After the high subsides somewhat, you may experience a sensation of hunger. As a result, Boss OG could assist people with several diseases and medical issues in increasing their appetite.

Possible Side Effects of the Boss OG Strain

The Caesar OG strain is not for novices. It’s best left to the experienced hands of users with a THC level of up to 30 percent. Otherwise, you might get negative side effects including paranoia and anxiety.

If you use too much, the drug’s intensity and unpleasantness may become too great. Overall, Boss OG has the typical suspects for negative effects: dry mouth and eyes, as well as skin irritation.

Final Thoughts

Boss OG is a powerful OG Kush variety that hits you hard. It’s a well-balanced hybrid since you get head and body highs. The initial cerebral buzz is pleasant if you pay attention to the dosage. Boss OG makes it difficult to concentrate for long, so it’s preferable to lay down and rest rather than doing anything productive while smoking it.

Boss OG, on the other hand, isn’t a particularly popular cannabis strain. It’s not going to be sitting on the shelf in your local dispensary. If you do come across it, make sure you give it a go; you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

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