Banana OG Cannabis Strain

Banana OG is a potent strain that has a tendency to “creep” up on its consumers. This strain is popular among those who prefer a smooth, soft ascent. Users may have an uplifting and euphoric experience followed by a state of complete relaxation when they are at their peak.

When an experienced marijuana user learns that a strain has “OG” in its name, they know exactly what to anticipate; smooth, mellow highs and an intricate blend of terpenes that produce a rich scent and flavor with skunk, spice, and diesel.

Despite its legendary status, the OG Kush strain’s immediate connection with sour and distinct tastes has waned in recent years. People on occasion desire a wider taste profile than the typical OG Kush provides. Despite the pungent and distinct qualities of OG Kush, individuals nowadays often search for sweeter or fruitier flavors.

This is why Banana OG strains are ideal for this new generation of cannabis users. This strain combines characteristics from both OG Kush and Banana Kush to create a strong banana flavor with all the indica effects of its parents. Let’s see if this strain can continue the OG Kush legacy.

What is the Banana OG Cannabis Strain?

Banana OG is a banana-tasting indica hybrid created through the cross of OG Kush and Banana Kush. This implies that it’s the result of two distant relatives in the Kush family being crossed, with the goal of developing a potent mix of banana-tinged kush.

Banana OG’s distinctive quality, in addition to its renowned taste, is its exceptionally high THC content, which means it has extremely strong effects.

The popularity of Banana OG stems from its tendency to creep on you after ingestion. In comparison to many other strong strains, in which the effects are immediately apparent, this strain may leave you feeling as though nothing has happened and that your bud is somehow defective.

This frequently leads to individuals smoking more, perhaps believing they have a mystical tolerance that allows them to smoke without feeling the harmful effects. Then all of a sudden you discover you’ve smoked far, way too much.

The high will hit you strongly intensely, affecting both your mind and body at once, even if you have only smoked a modest amount. Despite its 60% indica content, Banana OG’s hybrid features are readily apparent as you realize that the high is affecting virtually every part of your body.

Your thoughts will race, and you’ll feel an uplifting buzz of euphoria. Your body, on the other hand, will suddenly slump over – your muscles will compress, your bones will feel soft, and you’ll fall asleep on the sofa. Also, without realizing it, an hour has passed.

The euphoria of Banana OG has the ability to transform into a variety of distinct emotions as it fades over time. You’ll be hit with a knockout, all-encompassing effect that makes the whole world seem to fall around you at first, but after a short while you will feel extremely calm both mentally and physically.

It’s like when you’ve been out for a long time and you’re finally able to sit down. Your body will have a pleasant humming of satisfaction, similar to that of a snoozing cat, and you will be stuck in your sofa.

You won’t be simply staring at the walls; you will be trapped in deep, profound thought patterns, so expect to spend a significant amount of time over-evaluating your entire life and even deciding to make major changes.

You’ll want to smoke Banana OG during the night since its completely dominating indica effects will prevent you from accomplishing much else.

This strain has shown to be effective at combating a variety of medical conditions and simply coping with stressful events in one’s life. This is one of those strains that performs effectively in a lot of situations depending on the dose consumed.

However, beneath these spectacular effects is a simple and intricate flavor profile that is frequently the reason people choose Banana OG.

Banana OG Aroma

The Banana OG strain, as might be expected, has a scent that is predominantly of fresh bananas. This tropical fruity fragrance is tempered by a crisp citrus note that is comparable to citronella. Once you begin breaking down the brittle buds, an earthy spice will emerge forward, sometimes smelling like freshly mowed grass, accompanied by some typical Kush scents.

Despite its name, Banana OG smells a great deal like its OG Kush parent. Its buds have a distinctively sour, nasal odor that is both classic marijuana tastes and something entirely new at the same time, owing to its Banana OG moniker.

Banana OG Flavor

The flavor of this fruit strain is described as earthy, with a tangy tropical undertone. Consider the taste of a Capri Sun or any other commercially available tropical-flavored beverage. There’s a subtle sweetness that balances out the spiciness while not being cloying.

The exhale, on the other hand, has a distinctively hash-like fragrance and tastes diesel-rich. It’s quite similar to OG Kush or any other Kush family member.

There are notes of lemony citrus and a hint of spiced oak, giving the overall flavor profile of this Indica Hybrid strain a similar to that of a very finely aged cask o whisky; the flavors are distinct, yet they seem to merge together and create something entirely new.

Banana OG Appearance

Banana OG may have a unique flavor and scent, but it nevertheless comes across as a near replica of other marijuana strains. It has a typical pale green color and develops tightly packed buds, which is typical of indica types.

The exterior of the bud has appealing, orange-tinged pistils, which give it an ever so slightly fuzzy appearance, but beyond that little change, this strain appears like every other sort of cannabis in the world with no exciting or distinctive color palettes.

However, the blooms of this strain are surprisingly lovely, with a deeply amber coloration that resembles the setting sun on a clear day. However, you will never be able to verify this for yourself unless you cultivate it yourself, so what do you need to know in order to grow Banana OG at home?

Banana OG Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Although there are no serious restrictions on growing Banana OG plants, they’re not popular like many other strains. These seeds aren’t easy to come by, and most breeders don’t offer them because of their specific needs regarding light and warmth levels. They’re only available online from a few specific retailers such as Breeders Apothecary Genetics.

Banana OG is a tropical, indica-dominant hybrid (Indica/Sativa) that thrives in a warm, only slightly humid environment with temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Banana OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that may be expected to develop short and bushy due on the fact that it is a tropical plant.

This is only useful for its cola production, so urge it to do this as frequently as feasible in order to get the most bud.

Any extra leaves that seem to develop around and above the existing growth should be trimmed away. When trimming your marijuana plants, bear in mind that you’re trying to increase each leaf’s exposure to light, so go easy on it.

Expect the plant to blossom after approximately eight weeks, but if it was inadequately fed throughout its development, it may take longer.

Banana OG THC Content – Highest Test

Banana OG is one of the most pleasant-tasting marijuana strains, and it demonstrates how a strain with high THC levels can still be enjoyable to consume.

Banana OG is a Banana variety with an average THC concentration of about 22 percent. Some samples have shown THC levels up to 25 percent, making this one of the most potent strains accessible, curing a wide range of medical conditions. What’s more, does it include CBD in similar amounts and efficacy to help cure other diseases?

Banana OG CBD Content – Highest Test

Banana OG has a very low CBD level, as it is with other high THC strains. Because no sample has ever registered above 1% CBD content, Banana OG isn’t a good choice if you want to gain medical advantages from the CBD component.

CBD is not always considered the most powerful medicinal cannabinoid, yet Banana OG is quite effective at treating a variety of ailments.

Medical Benefits of the Banana OG Cannabis Strain

Because Banana OG has such a high THC concentration, it’s primarily used as a medicine. When you consume a marijuana strain with this much THC, it is capable of effectively interacting with the CB1 receptors in your body.

Banana OG is an excellent strain to use when suffering from both physical and mental distress since it inhibits the sensation of pain by reducing the release of neurochemicals and brain activities that produce it. This strain’s extremely euphoric effect, which leaves you in a state of complete bliss, makes it ideal for coping with emotional problems and sadness.

Bananas are one of the most popular strains available. Because this strain has been found to have the seemingly magical power to completely negate any type of physical urge to take action, it’s ideal for dealing with insomnia. Though this strain won’t make you unconscious or put you to sleep, its powerful sense of relaxation and general sense of calmness are wonderful at taking you into a restful slumber.

Of course, with great medicinal benefits also comes a few undesirable drawbacks.

Possible Side Effects of the Banana OG Cannabis Strain

The most apparent side effects and perhaps the most serious are paranoid and anxious behaviors that this strain is known to induce. This is probably due to its high THC but low CBD content, since CBD has long been linked to preventing paranoia and THC’s negative side effects.

Regardless, because of the high amount of THC present in this powerful strain, if you already have anxiety or paranoia, you should avoid it. The enhanced mental acuity and the mixing of couch lock and bright thinking patterns would most likely leave you in a terrified, overly paranoid state. Along with these unpleasant side effects, there are the usual dry eyes and a dry mouth that any moderately strong marijuana strain causes, so keep some water on hand to assist with them.

Finally, this plant is well-known for creating strong munchies, so make sure you have some sort of snack or easily consumed food on hand to satisfy the inevitable bout of hunger that will strike you. Banana OG is almost a love letter to cannabis crossbreeding; by combining two distant Kush family members, one being an original and another being distilled from many other strains, you get a balance of both tastes and effects.

A perfect storm of indica and sativa effects will leave you feeling both physically exhausted and mentally active, thanks to its banana flavor that is tinged with the OG Kush family’s traditional flavor components.

Although this bodily duality may appear perplexing to some, Banana OG’s extremely powerful effects make it one of the most effective and useful strains available, so keep an eye out for Banana OG the next time you go to your dispensary.

You might get to see one of the greatest examples of marijuana cross-breeding that breeders have to offer.

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